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To Protect and Care For

My Precious Family Or Friend

GeoFamily will help you so that you can assist your lovely family or friends in daily life or in emergency situations.


Major Functions
  • The location and status of tracker users is checked in real time.

  • Locations where a mobile data network is not available are also tracked without omission.

  • Pickup request to the precise location, and the transmission of moving route.

  • Transmission of arrival and departure for virtual zones.

  • Street View and Directions support.

  • Transmission of rescue information such as moving route by a single SOS request in emergency and dangerous situations.

  • Privacy protection that allows tracker user to transfer his/her own location at any time when necessary, but restricts his/her counterpart to check the location only during the permitted time.

  • Optimal battery power consumption when collecting location information.

Areas Of Use

✔  Family Safety on the Way Home

    (Child, Student, Woman, etc.)

✔  Safety of Visiting Staff

✔  Family Care for the Elderly

✔  Family Care for Dementia Patient

✔  Emergency Help of People with

    Heart Disease

✔  Safety management of fieldworkers

✔  Maritime Safety

✔  Safety of Alone Worker

✔  Preparedness for Horse-riding, Skiing,

    or Mountaineering Accident

Real Time Locations

Without any query action to a server, you can see where your family or friends are and the route that they are moving in real time. You can trace them in a quick interval during the required period. In addition to location and address, you can instantly recognize moving activity, altitude above sea level, moving speed, battery level, locating method, log-in/out, power on/off status.

Location History Analysis

By the help of location way-point player, you can analyze the movement path that your family or friends are moving. The locations are persisted for a maximum 1 year and can be exported to screenshot file, KML file, and GPX file.

Zone Alarm

You have the option to define customized virtual zones. If your family or friends are reached or left the zone, you will be notified immediately. You can set home zone, care zones and potentially dangerous zones for them.

SOS Alert

When your family or friends are in a threatening situation or urgent situation that needs help, you can be alerted immediately with the location. In such a case of emergency and dangerous situations, even a single SOS request begins to transmit all rescue information such as moving route, addresses, and status in real time.

Pick-Up Alert

Your family or friends can send pick-up information so that you can pick them up in correct location and appointment time. Further, every morning you are notified of the pick-up schedule of the day.

Track-Me Report

When your family or friends are passing through a potentially dangerous area, they can keep reporting the moving path during the required period so that you can watch carefully their movement. It also can be useful when they want to let you know the route so that you can follow them. 



The GeoFamily service consists of a 'Controller App' that acts as an administrator and a 'Tracker App' that acts as a location reporter. A controller app user can manage settings for the location behavior of multiple tracker app users, and instantly recognize their location and status.

To enjoy the GeoFamily service, please follow the steps below.

1. The user who will perform the administrator role creates the account as [Controller] role and logged in.


2. The user who will perform the location reporter role creates the account as [Tracker] role and logged in.


3. If the controller user adds the behavior settings for the counterpart tracker user device in the [Tracker List] menu and then requests pairing, the pairing request will be sent to the counterpart tracker user. (Note: Before sending the pairing request, make sure that the counterpart tracker user has created the account as [Tracker] role and logged in.)


4. If the counterpart tracker user accept the pairing request, the pairing will be successful, and from that time the controller user can identify the location, status, and movement of the counterpart tracker user.

For more information, visit the blog.


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